Merry Christmas by Social Mind team

This time every year I wonder: how the Christmas spirit and the feelings that dominate those festive days of the year help us to think more with love in mind. Is this sense of love, the warmth, a real feeling or it is yet another result of “Christmas marketing”. A result of the decorations, of the festive TV and radio spots, of the facebook posts, covers, of the instagram selfies beside Christmas trees and Santa Claus figures and snowgoons and reindeers…

Every year I end up with the feeling that Christmas is a time to be with the ones you love. To feel things, even if those things are not always happy and entertaining. But feel them always without misery, without arrogance. To not quit when hard times come and try for the best, despite the circumstances. To change with your words and actions your life and the lives of those around you for the better.

With those few thoughts, on behalf of Social Mind team, I wish you Merry Christmas and the troubles you faced until today, be over with the end of 2016 ????

(I asked everyone on my team, Social Mind, to send me a favorite movie and a phrase that accompanies it and expresses the Christmas spirit. The lines above are the synthesis of those phrases and the respective trailers of the movies are linked to the text.)

A greek version of the post can be found at Social Mind blog.