Podcast που αξίζει να ακούσεις: IRL by Mozilla

Η πρόταση αυτού του μήνα είναι ένα podcast το οποίο παραδέχομαι ότι άργησα να εντοπίσω (το εντόπισα κοντά στο τέλος της 1ης σεζόν). Πρόκειται για το IRL, μια παραγωγή της Mozilla. Με μότο “Because Online Life is Real Life” (ελληνικά θα το μεταφράζαμε: Γιατί η ζωή στο Διαδίκτυο, είναι πραγματική ζωή) το συγκεκριμένο podcast έχει σαν βασική θεματική τις νέες τεχνολογίες, το Internet, τα κινητά, κ.ο.κ. δίνοντας έμφαση σε ζητήματα online surveillance (παρακολούθηση online), privacy (ιδιωτικότητα) και κάποια θέματα διαδικτυακής ασφάλειας. Η γλώσσα είναι απλή και τα παραδείγματα πολύ στοχευμένα με μαρτυρίες, τις περισσότερες φορές, από online χρήστες. Ο άλλος λόγος που πρέπει να το παρακολουθήσετε είναι η εκπληκτική Veronica Belmont, εξαιρετικά διαβασμένη και εξαιρετικά εξοικειωμένη με το μικρόφωνο.

Αντί επεισοδίου, αυτή τη φορά θα σας δώσω σε video την παρουσίαση της θεματολογίας της 3ης σεζόν. Τα περισσότερα επεισόδια του podcast είναι στη λίστα αγαπημένων μου οπότε σας παροτρύνω να τα ακούσετε όλα 🙂

(Ιmage courtesy of Mozilla Blog)


Joining the Mozilla Open Leaders Program

(originally posted at Social Mind’s official blog)

A few days ago I received the great news that I was selected to participate to Mozilla Open Leaders program. The aim of the program is to train individuals or teams related to open projects, technology oriented or not. The training is about setting up an open project and help it evolve and, at the same time, curate an open community that will, hopefully, form around the project. The underlying goals of the program is, of course, working towards an open web and a healthy Internet.

(image available under CC BY 4.0 International by Mozilla)

The 5th round open Mozilla Open Leaders starts in approximately one week. There were 78 projects selected from 219 applications. They come from 25 different countries with more than 100 participants. Greece participates with 1 project.

Number of selected projects per country (in alphabetical order)

The proposal

WordPress platform has become a standard choice when it comes to Content Management Systems, published under Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) license. Moreover, a huge community built around it is responsible for more than 50.000 plugins, available also as FLOSS. Unfortunately not all WordPress plugins are “playing well” with each other, nor are properly maintained.

Our proposal aims in creating a platform which will crowd source experience on using or combining plug-ins in WordPress installations. In addition, with the application of state of the art software metrics, we will provide a preliminary study on the structure of the source code of the plug-ins. “WordPress Plugin Observatory” (WOPLOB) will be published as FLOSS  with the hope that, with the help of Mozilla Network, will evolve to a high quality community of WordPress users that will help to the development of the platform and the data collection.

At Social Mind we base most of our development in FLOSS, particularty in WordPress and Woocommerce. We would be delighted to manage and help the global FLOSS community with a successful platform that will, hopefully, make Internet more effective and safe.

Mozilla Foundation

With the motto “Internet must always remain a global, public resource open and available to everyone” Mozilla Foundation, a non profit organization, has for years supported FLOSS development, education with open tools and processes and has developed applications like the well known Firefox browser and Pocket. In addition, it has contributed to the study and education of Internet users in privacy related issues.