Swing Music & Lindy Hop


[2019] Swing danced at the performance “Rendezvous on stars” with Jitterbugs Skg dance group and the West Side Ensemble.

[2017] March – June. Organized & DJed at “Swing Fever in the North” a series of themed parties related to the swing music and lindyhop era.

[2017] March. Started the Lindy Circle network.

[2017] February. Guest DJed at the annual festivities of Old City of Xanthi.

[2016] December. Guest DJed at the Xmas Swing Party of Lindy Hop Greece for the 10 years anniversary.

[2016] April: Danced on stage with the Gadjo Dillo gypsy swing band from Greece, in one of their live performances.

[2016] The playlist counts 300+ tracks (~15 hours of music) thanks to the Lindy Hop Community!

[2014] Step, step, triple step (x2) playlist, now known as “Lindy Hop Vault by Lindyhopoula” becomes collaborative!

[2013] Joined Spotify. The “Step, step, triple step (x2)” project was born!

[2012] December. Put together a playlist of awesome, danceable swing tracks.

[2012] June. Swing “DJed” for a lindy hop party for the first time.

[2011] Joined Lindy Hop Greece. Lots of lindy hop, charleston, sweating…

[1995] Listened to my first album ever (Frank Sinatra – New York, New York) ***

*** This is the actual copy from my collection ( still working 😀 )

I’m not interested in fame and glory. It’s just that I would like others to know what a happy dance this is.

~ Frankie Manning

Lindy Hop Vault by Lindyhopoula

This spotify list is collaborative! This means that you can add your favorite tracks to it and together we can build a great collection of swing music for lindy hop dancers.



The full playlist (300+ tracks, ~15 hours of music) is available here.

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