The Geeky Unicorn

Last week during the InnerSource Summit 2023 we were asked to create a mascot for InnerSource. This was meant to be the attendee contest of the conference. Normally, it would require a lot of work to design a character, but, with the help of AI, it is now doable in seconds. So I logged in to ChatGPT and I wrote the following script:

Create a mascot of a unicorn that is a top notch software developer.

And that was how “The Geeky Unicorn” came to life.

To be honest, I didn’t expect that good a result with the first attempt. Most of the articles I read on prompt crafting usually insist that the more detailed the prompt, the better the results. Maybe, with a design request, giving the AI a more “fuzzy, less limiting” prompt, there is space for it to be more creative, I don’t know 😅.

Anyway, my geeky unicorn has received a lot of love from the InnerSource community 🎉.

People mentioned how the phrase “rainbows and unicorns” was reflected on the design with the rainbow colors and… well… the unicorn character (duh!).

I also love how ChatGPT chose to connect the concept of a top-notch software developer with elements such as a polo shirt, sneakers and geeky glasses. Maybe there’s a stereotype hidden in the AI’s knowledge base somewhere, but still, I love the result 😂.

So what’s the future of “The Geeky Unicorn”?

No one can really know… but I decided to publish it under an open license, so people can (re)use it and make cool stuff out of it 😊.

By A.

Hello. I am Apostolos Kritikos. A Software Engineer and Researcher “made in Greece”. I love coffee, music and doing the lindy hop (swing dancing).