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Acting rather than judging is the key of making an impact and creating value. This is the resume (in my opinion) from following excerpt comming from an episode of Tony Robbins podcast. He is asked what he was going to tell Donald Trump should he talked with him on the phone, given his mentality and way of doing things professionally and as president of the U.S.

… so I am not into try to demonize anybody. What I think is our problem is demonization. It used to be that people would fight like hell on the floor of the house and then go have a beer together. Now it’s like you are radioactive if you talk to the other side. I don’t feed the narrative. I see the presidents meeknesses and strengths. I hope everybody can but not everybody does and I am here to help whoever, either side. Someone is a good human being wants help, I am gonna help him, I am not politically driven. I am an independent personally and I vote whom I believe will make the biggest difference …

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