Drinking wine… with Kathryn Borel Jr.


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«Corked, A memoir», by Kathryn Borel Jr. A book about herself, her father and… wine.  The history about a journey to the province of France, wherever wine is produced. A journey with two destinations. The initiation of the daughter to the secrets of wine, and therefore her father’s.

Kathryn Borel Jr. was born in Toronto, Canada. Her father was a hotelier. She has a younger brother. She spent her first  years living in various hotels to finally settle in Quebec, Canada. Later, personal reasons made her return to Toronto, where she still lives. She works for Canadian Broadcasting Company making food and wine reviews in print and for radio. She is the author of the column «Indignities». «Corked. A memoir» is her first book to be published.

Apart from her exceptional writing skills and her special pen, I find Kathryn Borel being a really interesting video persona. You can see for yourself in the videos that follow where you’ll find Kathryn prologizing her brand new book in a rather playful way.

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