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(this post was retrieved, with the help of The Internet Archive, from my retired blog

Lately I started an account on and I posted a couple of things. Now there are a couple of pros like the variety of types of posts that offers (Regular post, Video, Quotes, Picture and Link) and also the fact that it can be updated via Imified something that makes posting really fast!

There are also two cons (in my opinion). Firstly no comments can be made by the visitors (OK not every post provokes commenting but for some of them it is can be an essential feature). Another drawback is that the owner of the account has no mechanism to monitor statistics for his account. To speak the thuth I’m not a fan of statistics but it should be offered as a feature.

By A.

Hello. I am Apostolos Kritikos. A Software Engineer and Researcher “made in Greece”. I love coffee, music and doing the lindy hop (swing dancing).