“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.”

― Alan Turing

Hello and thank you for stopping by. I am Apostolos Kritikos, a Critical Engineer and Researcher in the fields of open source software and software resilience. I am also a proud co-founder of Social Mind, a digital solutions agency based in Greece.

This website is a digital journal where I record my thoughts and digital experiments. Should you want to contact me, I will be delighted to discuss with you. Please make sure you read our Privacy Policy as well!

Best wishes for health and safety,


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  • Talking VS Listening online
    When the pandemic started, during the first quarantine, I remember I felt the need to talk. The thought, the possibility of not being able to socialize and discuss for a […]
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    Coaching, according to Wikipedia, is the practice of guiding an individual through a process. It refers to practical knowledge and that is why it is very important for a coach […]
  • The lost art of smiling
    Imagine you are on a crisis. Customers are unhappy, people are yelling, things are not well, time is not enough, money are lost, it is a bad day. The worst […]
  • The view from above
    The Stoics have been using the “view from above” exercise to force their mind to observe a situation from such a distance to make it feel insignificant. The usual metaphor […]
  • Philocaly
    Philocaly means to love beauty. I guess we all do love beauty. We do! Maybe it is difficult to recognize beauty in times of crises. Maybe there is a lack […]


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