I am a researcher and Software Engineer born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. I am also an Open Data Registered Trainer with the Open Data Insitute.

In 2011 I co-founded Websthetics a software house specializing in Web Development. In 2014, Websthetics evolved to Social Mind, a 360 degree digital marketing agency. At Social Mind we use content marketing, social media and online advertising to effectively build and empower a brand's presence on the web. Moreover, we are a team with 10+ years experience software development specializing in websites, e-commerce solutions and mobile applications.

My research focuses in Open Source Software Engineering, that is, the use of Free/Libre Open Source Software related theory, tools and resources to enhance the software development process. Details about my academic endeavor (publications, work in EU funded research projects, etc.) can be found to my Academic Profile at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

I support groups and initiations promoting research, innovation and entrepreneurship and I curate the Open Coffee Thessaloniki meetings.

Apostolos Kritikos
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