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ODI Registered TrainerWhether you are part of a private company or an organization you, inevitably, deal with data. If you want to know how Open Data can benefit your company or organization to work more efficiently, save money and increase innovation, contact me for a customised training plan in Open Data.

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Are Open Data part of the Data Revolution?

The UN Secretary-General’s Independent Expert Advisory Group on a Data Revolution for Sustainable Development (IEAG) defines Data Revolution as:

  • An explosion in the volume of data, the speed with which data are produced, the number of producers of data, the dissemination of data, and the range of things on which there is data, coming from new technologies such as mobile phones and the “internet of things”, and from other sources, such as qualitative data, citizen-generated data and perceptions data;
  • A growing demand for data from all parts of society.

A World That Counts:
Mobilising The Data Revolution for Sustainable Development

This “Data Revolution” is being assisted by Open Data harvested and maintained by governments around the world (i.e. European Union, United States, etc.), non profit organizations specializing in Open Data (i.e. Open Data Institute, Open Knowledge Foundation, etc.) and so forth.

How can Open Data benefit the world?

In 2013 McKinsey argued that “Open data—public information and shared data from private sources—can help create $3 trillion a year of value in seven areas of the global economy”.  Same year the Rockefeller Institute pioneered the 100 resilient cities program aiming to help cities around the world become more resilient to physical, social, and economic shocks and stresses. This cause can too, benefit from Open Data.

Is Open Data Training for me?

Whether your team are data experts, managers, implementers or individuals with no previous knowledge, our interactive training, run by experienced trainers, enables you to understand the value of working with open data and how to apply it successfully to your organisation.

Benefits of in-house open data training

  • Increased understanding and communication across different parts of your organisation
  • Increased innovation
  • Increased cost savings
  • Build new products, solutions or services
  • Deepen relationship with your clients and customers
  • Increase transparency and best practice

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What is an ODI Registered Trainer?

‘ODI Registered Trainer’ is a quality mark for trainers who have been assessed by ODI Programme Leads as able to train others in open data. They can deliver high quality paid-for open data training under the ODI Registered Trainer badge.

Trainers are assessed for:

  • An understanding and implementation of education theory
  • An ability to create interactive training with good learning outcomes
  • A knowledge of open data as applied to their specialist area (eg policy, law, data science)
  • A plan for their long term personal development as a trainer

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